Unison Conference & Motion to support LXPs TOMORROW

Blog by Tamar Jeynes, Unison Health Conference Delegate (2022). For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Mad Activist & I founded the Mad Studies Birmingham, which has a Lived Experience Professions focus, 3.5 years ago. The group attracts an intersection, international, wide ranging group of people from various disciplines, non-LXP as wellContinue reading “Unison Conference & Motion to support LXPs TOMORROW”

Jacqui Dyer: It’s not OK to replace paid LXP staff with Unpaid Service Users 

What is the difference between asking an NHS Trust a question at its AGM vs. asking the same question at the GtiCP Conference?  Well – for a start: the GtiCP (DCP Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology) conference didn’t censor the question and actually put it in the chat. Second, they actually asked it. Third,Continue reading “Jacqui Dyer: It’s not OK to replace paid LXP staff with Unpaid Service Users “

Is it time for an LXP Union?

Have you heard of an Lived Experience Professional winning a tribunal for discrimination at work? Have you even heard of an LXP taking their employer to a tribunal for discrimination at work? There may be a reason for that. Lived Experience Professions currently do not have their own union to offer protection at work. Obviously,Continue reading “Is it time for an LXP Union?”

The Difference Between LXPs & Involvement Staff

Are you a Lived Experience Professional (LXP) who has ever been asked to explain the difference between what you do, vs. Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) staff? It’s a toughie, because on the face of it, the work often looks the same. The main difference between the two is People working within the Lived ExperienceContinue reading “The Difference Between LXPs & Involvement Staff”

Which NHS Trusts Are On Santa’s Good List? Who Got The LXP Band 7 Funding??

Was your NHS trust on one of Santa’s Good List, ready to be blessed with a brand new Band 7 Lived Experience Professional (LXP) to join their staff? At LXP Revolution, we’ve been heavily focussing on activism which highlights trusts who haven’t applied for funding to employ LXPs when given the opportunity, despite us likelyContinue reading “Which NHS Trusts Are On Santa’s Good List? Who Got The LXP Band 7 Funding??”

Why did your NHS Trust reject an LXP funding opportunity?

The blog that caused the most fury on social media: why did NHS Trusts not apply for a funding opportunity in 2020 to employ a Lived Experience professional working at a Band 7 grade, when most Trusts use the excuse of not having funds to employ an LXP beyond a Band 3 or 4 level?Continue reading “Why did your NHS Trust reject an LXP funding opportunity?”

Did your NHS Trust accept or reject LXP Funding? The FOI results are in!!!

In December 2021, NHS England offered all NHS Mental Health Trusts in England the chance to apply for funding for a Band 7 LXP post. Band 7 is a management banding that sits just below strategy decision making posts. Most LXPs are managed by non-LXP staff in these posts, whereas this role would have fundedContinue reading “Did your NHS Trust accept or reject LXP Funding? The FOI results are in!!!”

Why the KUF funding affects ALL LXPs in England

Why should funding for one type of training affect ALL people who work as LXPs (Lived Experience Professionals) in the English NHS? KUF (Knowledge & Understanding Framework) training funding sticks a flag in the sand, it sets a standard for equality of pay, working conditions, support and CPD (Continuing Professional Development. Now we have fundingContinue reading “Why the KUF funding affects ALL LXPs in England”

PSW Describes Traumatic Experience: Part 2

Part 2 of a series of blogs – read part 1 here: After sharing my story with the board I was in high expectations and filled with excitement. However my placement within Day Services was going through a major overhaul. The Centre where I was working was closing after many years, a 6 week programmeContinue reading “PSW Describes Traumatic Experience: Part 2”

Has your Trust turned down LXP funding?

Our last blog promised to take you on a journey, using Freedom of Information requests to find out whether your local trust has been supportive of LXPs or actively withheld support when opportunities have become available. Did you know that recently funding for a senior LXP (Band 7) post was offered to all NHS MentalContinue reading “Has your Trust turned down LXP funding?”