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As LXPs we often work in isolation, and think that our experiences are unique to us as individuals. This is a space where you and others can share your experiences anonymously. Email your experience to us and we will add it to the site. We are raising awareness and collective support by sharing LXP experiences of discrimination, unfair pay, inequalities & discrimination. Sadly we don’t have the resources, knowledge or capacity to work as mediators or advisors, or provide individual support.

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About Us

We are a coalition of LXPs and allies from or with connections to Birmingham who have come together to campaign against local inequalities, stigma and discrimination that LXPs face. We know that this issue is widespread so as we created this site to document our activism we thought it would be a good opportunity to link with fellow LXPs and allies nationally who are campaigning locally or just feeling isolated and want to see they are not alone. We can’t be there 24/7, but maybe together, as a collective, we all can. We will use #LXPRevolution across social media accounts. Others will be out there too. Linking up with others is the start of all Revolutions.

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Let’s hang out. Let’s Revolutionise. #LXPRevolution