First Ever Union Motion to Support LXP Workers Passed!!!

Correspondence by Tamar Jeynes, Unison Health Conference Delegate (2022) The first ever motion by a union to supporting Lived Experience Professional (LXP) workers was proposed and unanimously voted in by members of Unison at its annual Health Conference last week. People who work in Lived Experience Mental Health posts have been expressing disappointment at aContinue reading “First Ever Union Motion to Support LXP Workers Passed!!!”

Unison Conference & Motion to support LXPs TOMORROW

Blog by Tamar Jeynes, Unison Health Conference Delegate (2022). For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Mad Activist & I founded the Mad Studies Birmingham, which has a Lived Experience Professions focus, 3.5 years ago. The group attracts an intersection, international, wide ranging group of people from various disciplines, non-LXP as wellContinue reading “Unison Conference & Motion to support LXPs TOMORROW”

Ask Your Local Unison Rep to Vote to to Support LXPs

Unison have their Health Conference scheduled in next week (24-27 April) and the Nursing and Midwifery Occupational Group have proposed a motion to support Lived Experience Professionals of all types within Unison. Unison is a union which represents public sector staff, such as those working in NHS and Education. We know as LXPs that forContinue reading “Ask Your Local Unison Rep to Vote to to Support LXPs”

Unison to raise an LXP Motion at April Conference

Unison’s Nursing & Midwifery Occupational Group will be putting forward a motion to improve recognition and reward for lived experience workers at the union’s Annual Health Conference 24-27 April. For a long time Lived Experience workers have been raising issues about inequalities and discrimination at work, expressing dissatisfaction at the support that existing unions provide.Continue reading “Unison to raise an LXP Motion at April Conference”

Update On The FOI Requests: Who’s Ballin’ & Who’s Stallin’?

At LXP Revolution, we have asked EVERY SINGLE MENTAL HEALTH TRUST IN ENGLAND about their recent response to employment of LXPs at senior level. That is 55 Trusts. We are swamped with info. As you may (or may not) know, we are a bunch of lived experience volunteers. We are having to do this inContinue reading “Update On The FOI Requests: Who’s Ballin’ & Who’s Stallin’?”

THANKYOU for your GOFUNDME support to get us to SODIT festival!

Just £117 to go!!! SODIT festival happened in Sheffield on Sat 11 September, and we were there! Survivors of Depression In Transition, with the excellently inspired acronym of SODIT, support people who identify as women who have depression related illness. The festival was a perfect opportunity to mingle with and get the LXP Revolution wordContinue reading “THANKYOU for your GOFUNDME support to get us to SODIT festival!”

Did your NHS Trust accept or reject LXP Funding? The FOI results are in!!!

In December 2021, NHS England offered all NHS Mental Health Trusts in England the chance to apply for funding for a Band 7 LXP post. Band 7 is a management banding that sits just below strategy decision making posts. Most LXPs are managed by non-LXP staff in these posts, whereas this role would have fundedContinue reading “Did your NHS Trust accept or reject LXP Funding? The FOI results are in!!!”

Has your Trust turned down LXP funding?

Our last blog promised to take you on a journey, using Freedom of Information requests to find out whether your local trust has been supportive of LXPs or actively withheld support when opportunities have become available. Did you know that recently funding for a senior LXP (Band 7) post was offered to all NHS MentalContinue reading “Has your Trust turned down LXP funding?”

The LXP Revolution

The Revolution isn’t new. It’s just been invisible – like us. They haven’t seen us, and we haven’t seen each other – but we’ve been there. For as long as we have existed, people who have worked within the Lived Experience Professions have reported examples of exploitation. Labour had been unpaid, poorly paid and emotionalContinue reading “The LXP Revolution”