Which NHS Trusts Are On Santa’s Good List? Who Got The LXP Band 7 Funding??

Was your NHS trust on one of Santa’s Good List, ready to be blessed with a brand new Band 7 Lived Experience Professional (LXP) to join their staff?

At LXP Revolution, we’ve been heavily focussing on activism which highlights trusts who haven’t applied for funding to employ LXPs when given the opportunity, despite us likely being the most discriminated and least represented staffing group in the NHS. We say likely, because even in the Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES), the metrics used to measure the experiences & careers of disabled staff, we are not counted. As we are not counted, currently, we don’t count.

However, there are nuggets of hope. There were 24 NHS trusts who did indeed apply for the funding. This means that in theory there should have been 24 new Band 7 LXP posts created in England. With so many trusts giving excuses as to why they can’t employ LXPs, what do we learn from those who say they can? What are they doing differently? Building up our repertoire of examples of where it has been done gives us an answer when excuses are made as to why something cannot be done, because it can. It can be done 24 times over.

Knowledge is power. So we felt it was time for our next Freedom of Information request, stage 3 in our activism. This stage asked Trusts what they felt had enabled them to apply for the funding, as several trusts have mentioned short timescales as being a reason not to apply. Understanding why things work well give us more ammunition to work with when we are given reasons as to why people holding the power tell us that they won’t.

We also asked them about job adverts and whether people had been employed yet. Part of the issues we face as LXPs is not having consistent search terms or job titles when we search for posts on NHS Jobs. We are also inconsistently filed away, often sitting in the administration category, which is highly inappropriate for the work we do and may mean that rookie searchers miss posts when looking for a job.

See the FOI Request below, as well as the list of trusts it was sent to:

Dear ….

In December 2020 the Adult Mental Health Team at NHSE offered Mental Health Trusts the chance to apply for funding for a Band 7 KUF Lived Experience Professional (LXP) role. They have let us know via a FOI request that your trust successfully applied for this funding.

When applying for the funding:

• Have you employed LXP staff at Band 7+ before?

• What do you feel enabled you to meet the short turnaround & funding criteria?

• Was this decision made collaboratively with LXP staff – if not, were they made aware of the offer?

• Was the decision subject to an Equality Impact Assessment?

If your trust has advertised the post, please provide a:

• Job title

• Job Description

• Person Specification

• Date the post was advertised

• What category on NHS jobs it was advertised under (ie. admin, AMHP)

• If an applicant was successful & is in post

Yours faithfully,

LXP Revolution

There were 24 NHS Trusts listed on the NHS England’s list of Trusts who applied for funding, all of whom were successful.

In the process of sending the FOI request out, one trust – *North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust* – had been dissolved in 2021, and its services have now been transferred to Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust & Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust. Interestingly, Merseycare has applied, whilst Greater Manchester has not applied for the funding. It will be interesting to see if Greater Manchester utilises this opportunity to develop the Band 7 opportunity after all, if Mersey care will have 2 posts, or the potential post will be lost alongside the funding. Sheffield had a joint bid with its community mental health and primary mental health trusts. We just contacted the community Mental Heath team, in part because the primary mental health team was not listed on WhatDoTheyKnow.com. However as there is only one post, data from one team will be enough.

This left 23 trusts that were contacted:

• Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Trust

• Barnet, Enfield, and Haringey MH Trust

• Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

• Camden and Islington Foundation Trust

• Central and North West London Trust

• Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

• Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

• East London Foundation Trust

• Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

• Hertfordshire Partnership University Trust

• Isle of Wight NHS Trust

• Kent & Medway NHS Partnership Trust

• Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust

• Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

• Navigo CIC

• Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust

• Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

• Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Foundation Trust 

• North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust*

• Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

• Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

• Partnership bid in line with Primary and Community Mental Health Transformation (PCMHT) developments. Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust (SHSC)((*done))and Primary Care Sheffield (PCS) – ((*Can’t find))

• Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

• West London Trust

You can see the requests & their progress here:


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