Demanding Equity for the Lived Experience Professions

UK Based Grassroots Collective

Who We Are

The Lived Experience Professions is an umbrella term which covers a wide range of discipline and roles. These roles require using insight from experience of living with mental health conditions to inform the work. Examples of roles include Peer Workers, Survivor Researchers, Lived Experience Trainers, Lived Experience Group Facilitators, LXP Supervisors, LXP Consultants. There is no standardised language or role names at present.

People who work within LXP posts are open about living with a mental health condition, whilst working within services which provide mental health services. These workplaces have very high levels of stigma and discrimination towards staff who live with mental health conditions. This leaves LXPs at risk and vulnerable to discrimination, stigma, career blocking and pathologisation within organisation structures and from work colleagues.

The Lived Experience Professions and people who work within LXP posts do not have a professional association or union to provide support, supervision, protection or lobby for awareness. The LXP Revolution is not a replacement for this, but is the name that a grassroots coalition in Birmingham, UK have used to refer to their initial call for equality. We invite our comrades across the UK and further afield to join with their own local calls to be treated as equals – there is nothing quite like realising you are not alone in this.

Forging meaningful Coalitions, Fighting Despair

Each of us must find our work and do it. Militancy no longer means guns at high noon, if it ever did. It means actively working for change, sometimes in the absence of any surety that change is coming. It means doing the unromantic and tedious work necessary to forge meaningful coalitions, and it means recognizing which coalitions are possible and which coalitions are not. It means knowing that coalition, like unity, means the coming together of whole, self-actualized human beings, focused and believing, not fragmented automatons marching to a prescribed step. It means fighting despair.

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Current Activism