The FOI that started a Revolution… Now YOU can too!!!

Do you want to watch an activism campaign that uses Freedom of Information requests to highlight discrimination and use this to push for equality for Lived Experience Professionals? Do you want to be part of it? Do you want to see how you can use the same technique locally? Subscribe to this series of blogs,Continue reading “The FOI that started a Revolution… Now YOU can too!!!”

Into The Twilight Zone: A Mad Board Meeting

The following blog has been contributed by an observer of the May Board Meeting of an NHS Trust. You can find out more details about the meeting by looking at the ‘Birmingham Activism’ area of the site. The author used dictating software to write the blog, and the blog was anonymised afterwards. Into The TwilightContinue reading “Into The Twilight Zone: A Mad Board Meeting”

Mad on the inside: An ally’s perspective on one organisation

Anonymous: Former employee of the mental health trust discussed on this website. I started working in mental health before recovery and lived experience practice made their way into the zeitgeist (not long before honest). Being very familiar with the recovery movement, I was sceptical as ‘recovery’ started to appear on everything. And I was right to be. IContinue reading “Mad on the inside: An ally’s perspective on one organisation”

How Can Allies Support LXPs Against Discrimination?

Musings on a Twitter Thread by Tamar Jeynes I often think a lot of my best bits of inspiration come on Twitter – it’s fast paced, with lots of witty banter. The critique is harsh, but there is a lot to learn if people listen.  A recruitment drive for psychology posts at a Birmingham NHSContinue reading “How Can Allies Support LXPs Against Discrimination?”

Birmingham Activism Update: Dox Attached!!!

There comes a point where you have to stop attempting to engage, dialogue or negotiate. When a party that has not demonstrated any previous evidence of listening and acting upon reports of discrimination and harm to wellbeing it is a pretty good indicator. When current attempts are met with the same recycled rhetoric, seemingly deliveredContinue reading “Birmingham Activism Update: Dox Attached!!!”

PSW Describes Traumatic Experience: Part 1

Behind all collectives, there are always individuals, with individual experiences that have led them to join and fight discrimination as part of a wider group. One Peer Support Worker in Birmingham is sharing what initially appeared to be an exciting opportunity to one that became a harrowing experience. PART ONE…… MY GRANDMOTHER I was trainedContinue reading “PSW Describes Traumatic Experience: Part 1”

Birmingham NHS Trusts Reject Funding for Band 7 LXP Post

Birmingham NHS Trusts have been behind comparable NHS trusts in their employment of LXPs for over a decade. Local NHS organisations typically employ peer support workers at a Band 2. There are currently no senior or specialist posts for LXPs.  In December 2020 NHSE offered the opportunity for all Mental Health NHS trusts in theContinue reading “Birmingham NHS Trusts Reject Funding for Band 7 LXP Post”