Ask Your Local Unison Rep to Vote to to Support LXPs

Unison have their Health Conference scheduled in next week (24-27 April) and the Nursing and Midwifery Occupational Group have proposed a motion to support Lived Experience Professionals of all types within Unison. Unison is a union which represents public sector staff, such as those working in NHS and Education.

We know as LXPs that for a long time we have suffered with a lack of adequate support from whichever unions we may (or may not) be members of, with calls for development of a bespoke union for Lived Experience Workers.

It would help greatly to raise awareness and support of the motion if people who work for employers who have Unison representatives could email or call them to ask them to support the motion being raised at the conference. You can find your local Branch representative by using the link below. You simply type in your employer’s name (it needs to be one covered by Unison, ie an NHS trust) to find your branch secretary’s details.

You can find full details of the motion here:

Last week Professor Mick McKeown who is a member of the Nursing and Midwifery Occupational Group joined the Mad Studies Birmingham group to discuss the motion. You can view the discussion below, once it has been uploaded and added to YouTube, which should happen at some point later today.

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