THANKYOU for your GOFUNDME support to get us to SODIT festival!

Just £117 to go!!!

SODIT festival happened in Sheffield on Sat 11 September, and we were there! Survivors of Depression In Transition, with the excellently inspired acronym of SODIT, support people who identify as women who have depression related illness. The festival was a perfect opportunity to mingle with and get the LXP Revolution word out to fellow Lived Experience Practitioners in the community to join in sharing their own experiences about what it is like to work in organisations, whether there are positive examples of what works well or the sadly universal experiences most have of discrimination, stigma and career blocking. We also wanted people to share any action or activism taken by people locally. But mostly, we wanted to connect.

SODIT was amazing in enabling organisations and individuals to attend and to have stands, which were free. However, being a grassroots motley crew of individuals in Birmingham with no organisational structure or funds, we had no resources for a stand. No marketing materials, money for travel to Sheffield for a team of us to go up.

We had 3 days to pull something together, with little time, energy and resource between us to do this. Hand making and creating a stand is a lot of work, so we decided that printed materials – leaflets, banners, badges, and promotional T-shirts were the best option, with a mix of car pooling and train to keep travel costs to a minimum. However, the combined travel and marketing materials were estimated to be approximately £500 (estimates had to be made as invoices from printers and train fares were not yet finalised). We held our breaths, collectively raided credit cards, PayPal, piggy banks and a savings for laptop which the individual activist was hopefully going to use to help with work like this, in between twatting around on social media and online window shopping. Then we started a GoFundMe for £500. We had no idea if we would reach the target, if it was enough, if we would be truly up shit creek with no pounds to buy a paddle.

The GoFundMe started well, and we have raised just over half of our target. The good news is that the total amounts were less than expected – some of our team couldn’t make it, which cut down on travel costs and extra T-shirts. SODIT covered the cost of travel, which went directly to us on the day rather than the GoFundMe campaign. SODIT also provided free tea, coffee, biscuits and lunch!

So, that just left us with materials costs to raise funds for, which were a grand total of: £380.85. We have raised £264, which leaves us with just £116.85 to raise.

Can you help us get there? Pretty please?

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