Birmingham Activism Update: Dox Attached!!!

There comes a point where you have to stop attempting to engage, dialogue or negotiate. When a party that has not demonstrated any previous evidence of listening and acting upon reports of discrimination and harm to wellbeing it is a pretty good indicator. When current attempts are met with the same recycled rhetoric, seemingly delivered with increased irritation, future confidence of action to tackle it hits the rocks. It’s time to abandon the ship that never sailed.

When we approached the (Birmingham NHS Trust) Directors at their Board meeting, we asked them questions, but we weren’t messing around around, either. The last question asked at what point we should stop engaging with them, save our valuable emotional labour, and take the complaint elsewhere to external organisations / regulatory bodies instead.

The response was poor – many of the answers they gave within were arguments challenged by us previously. Some information appeared inaccurate. To engage would be to yet again invest valuable emotional labour, time and energy in a response – one we knew would not be listened to.

Instead, we wrote a letter. The letter addressed the response, but the audience was no longer the addressee. We knew the addressee would never, ever listen to us, see us, hear us. How could we ask people who felt we were not their equals to be treated that way?

The intended audience was in the carbon copy address bar.

  • We CC’d in (NHS Trust) Board of Governors
  • We CC’d in local commissioners
  • We CC’d in Healthwatch Birmingham
  • We CC’d in West Midlands Combined Authority
  • We CC’d in National Service User Network
  • We CC’d in the Care Quality Commission
  • We CC’d in NHS England
  • We CC’d in the ten MPs who represent the Birmingham wards:
    • Preet Gill MP – Edgbaston
    • Jack Dromey MP – Erdington
    • Tahir Ali MP – Hall Green
    • Liam Byrne MP – Hodge Hill
    • Shabana Mahmood MP – Ladywood
    • Gary Sambrook MP – Northfield
    • Khalid Mahmood MP – Perry Barr
    • Steve McCabe MP – Selly Oak
    • Andrew Mitchell MP – Sutton Coldfield
    • Jess Phillips MP – Yeardley

We are not even started yet.

Documents attached, names and trusts redacted.

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