Birmingham NHS Trusts Reject Funding for Band 7 LXP Post

Birmingham NHS Trusts have been behind comparable NHS trusts in their employment of LXPs for over a decade. Local NHS organisations typically employ peer support workers at a Band 2. There are currently no senior or specialist posts for LXPs. 

In December 2020 NHSE offered the opportunity for all Mental Health NHS trusts in the UK to apply for funding to employ a Band 7 LXP post. This would have given a local Trust the chance to make history locally in breaking the glass ceiling that currently exists for LXPs. Sadly, this opportunity was not taken. No LXPs were informed that this funding had been offered, and none were involved in the decision to reject it. LXPs locally have been asking for senior posts such as this for years, only to be told that the funding does not exist to employ people in these types of posts. 

This recent decision has brought that into question. Is that really the reason? Or is the reason…. 

                       ….something else?

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